Madam Breeder, do you remember me?

Or has your greed clouded your ability to see?

You sold me eight short months ago,

To someone that you did not even know

Did you really think that I would be happy until the day I died?

Or was the first fast cash you saw what touched you most inside?

Do you even care that at the hands of your "buyer",

That I was neglected, abused, thrown aside,

When for some unknown reason I drew their ire?

Your newly bred puppies and your old mothers-to-be,

Do you care about them the same way you claimed to care about me?

Madam Breeder, I now know who you are,

You are the one who sacrifices many canine lives,

So you can drive that brand new car.

Madam Breeder, will you ask your next customer their name?

If they know how to care for us, if they know we feel pain?

Will the deaths in shelters of millions of dogs this year,

Cause you now to pause your reign of over breeding, terror and fear?

Madam Breeder,one day we all have to answer for our deeds,

Maybe then you will finally feel our suffering,

Simply because of your greed.

Please Boycott All Pet Stores That Sell Puppies

Many pet stores continue to sell puppies from puppymills even though they know the torment these dogs go through. They do it simply out of greed. If the public quit buying these puppies as well as quit buying anything at all from these pet stores, it would either force them out of business or at least take their "puppy market" away. Don't be fooled by the cute puppy faces behind the glass. It is an ugly world behind the scenes of where those puppies originated. No "reputable breeder" would sell to a pet store, nor do "reputable breeders" sell to anyone through classified ads. These types of places/people simply "manufacture animals" and have no concern about the animals' welfare. Please don't be misled by these "reputable breeders" as they like to refer to themselves. They still breed and produce many litters of puppies year after year while millions of animals are killed and no homes exist for the ones already alive on this planet. In no rational mind can that be considered "reputable". The typical breeder likes to tout their dogs as "family members" to try to distance themselves from the stigma of puppy mills. However they care to spin it to try to encourage you to "buy" from them, the ugly truth remains. Your financial support by buying from these people/places encourages the continuing cruel and inhumane cycle these animals endure on a daily basis for their entire lives. If these people have no "buyers", they will have no "business". The "easy money" made off of these defenseless animals' mistreatment will end and the vicious cycle of over breeding and cruelty will be less prevelent. Please think about all aspects involved when considering "purchasing" a pet from any other source other than rescuing one from a legitimate animal welfare organization.

We will continue to work with our legislators pertaining to animal welfare and humane treatment, be an outspoken proponent of mandating strict guidelines and huge tax penalties for all breeders and making spaying and neutering mandatory in all states. Of course we can't do it alone and we might never live to see the day our dreams are realized but we will spend the rest of our lives trying.

Our commitment lies in saving the vulnerable and defenseless and living for the day when cruelty to them ends.

We are the voices of the innocent, every single one of us. We cannot let them down. Please do your part now and boycott all pet stores and breeders that sell puppies. PetSmart and many other wonderful stores do not sell puppies and encourage rescue pets for adoption.

Together we can and will make a difference.

One life at a time.

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