Sumei is a senior Lhasa Apso that has been in our care and up for adoption for almost 3 years. She had to have an eye removed several months ago and now faces another medical hurdle. She has mammary cancer and needs to have surgery to remove the mass that continues to grow. Her tumor is under the skin attached to bone and we are unable to get a picture where it shows up. She is yet another long term resident in foster care who has continuing medical needs that we do not have the funds for.
As stated before, it is difficult for us to just provide the monthly needs of our rescue pets. We need to make an appointment to have this tumor removed before it grows any larger. Donations in any amount are gratefully accepted and sincerely appreciated. Once we have the funds to have her tumor removed we will update with post-surgery photos and update you on her recovery.
Update October 7: We are still not able to make an appointment for Sumei's tumor removal as we do not have the funds.
Update October 25: We are hoping to make Sumei's appointment for tumor removals the first week of November. She has two tumors that we know of but there may be more, that won't be known until she is in surgery. We still need approximately 100.00-200.00 just for her mammary surgery as we do not know the exact amount it may be, it could be even more if it is invasive with several tumors needing to be removed. She also needs a dental and blood work done, all of which needs to be done at the time of her other surgery if possible so she does not have to be put under anesthesia again in the near future which can be diffucult in a very senior dog like Sumei. We must pay for all procedures in full at the time they are performed. If you can make a donation of any amount(it all helps!), we would be very grateful.
If you'd like to make a donation using PayPal or a credit card, a donation button is below. Or you may make a check out directly to the veterinarian clinic performing the surgery and put in the memo line "Sumei tumor removal". That information is below.
Update: November 4: Sumei had her mammary tumors removed today. She is doing ok, however she did have excessive bleeding and remains hospitalized. They found two cancerous tumors but the large one had a lot of blood vessels around it so it was a more difficult surgery. We will update her recovery and post after-surgery photos when she feels better and we can get some photographs of her surgery area.
Update: November 5:Sumei had quite a bit of bleeding overnight and will have to remain at the vet clinic. She did get up and wanted to see us when we went to visit her(see picture). We could not remove her blue bandaging to take any photos as she is still bleeding. She looks terrible but is hanging in there and hopefully will be ok. Prayers are needed for this precious baby. We will post more updates as they become available.

Update: November 6:

Sumei is back at her foster home and is alert and happy to be back. She chewed a bit on one of her favorite chews and is now resting. She has a light body cast and bandage on to put pressure on her surgery areas as the excessive bleeding was very difficult to control. At least the cast/bandaging is pink :) She has pain meds and antibiotics also. She needs to be kept quiet and immobile and strictly watched to ensure the bleeding doesn't start again. We will get pictures of the surgery area once her body bandages/cast comes off. It has been a very difficult recovery for Sumei. She has bled excessively. Our vet said her blood is very thin and has difficulty clotting. She will most likely not be able to go through any more surgeries so all we can do is hope no further issues develop. It is a miracle our precious long term foster has made it through this and come back "home". Thank you so very much to everyone who cares about her and all of our rescue babies. It really does mean so much to us and to them. We will post another update soon.

Update: November 9:

Sumei had to go back to the vet as she had a lot of swelling and bleeding under the skin. We have taken a couple of pictures and they are posted. She is doing ok but it is a pretty rough recovery foe her and we are hoping that the bleeding and swelling will go down and that she will heal. She's being a little trooper through it all and is handling everything pretty well. She is a strong little girl. We will post another update soon.

Update: November 15:Sumei is doing really well. Her surgery area has healed nicely, the swelling has gone down and she is having no more bleeding.

She has made it through a very difficult surgery and recovery but now feels almost back to normal and she is doing wonderfully. She is resting well, eating great and even wanting to go "bye-bye"(she loves the car!). Thank you so much to everyone for their concern for Sumei, you have no idea how much we appreciate that.

Update: November 22:Sumei went back to the vet on Friday to get an exam and to get her stitches out. She is doing great and most of the swelling has gone down. She appears to feel really good and has a great appetite and energy level.

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