Laurie's Little Angels

Each one of these precious angels were rescued. Each one came from a despicable situation like most every animal you see in my rescue for adoption. I wanted to have a page dedicated to them so you can see them as they are today. They once had no hope, were unwanted and unloved, but now are living a life that all dogs deserve.

My personal furbabies that I rescued and adopted are Ashley and Sinji which are Pekingese, Annabelle is a Lhasa Apso, Mu-Shu and Melody Lei-Li are Shih Tzus and my darling Chloe is a 4 lb., 2 year old, Yorkshire Terrier. I have had Annabelle for 13 years and Ashley for 6 years. I got Sinji three years ago from another rescue. Sinji had severe emotional issues and was so scared that he defacated all over himself when touched by anyone. He still does that with most strangers but has come to love and trust me with his life. I rescued my little 8 lb. Mu-Shu from a shelter in Virginia. He had come to the shelter from a very abusive home. He is very loving towards me but is terrified of strangers and reacts aggressively so therefore he was unadoptable to the general public. Melody Lei Li and her sister were rescued from a puppymill where they determined that she was too small to breed only after all of her puppies died. She is 1 year old and a tiny 5 lbs, much smaller than Shih Tzus should be. She is learning what it means to be spoiled, pampered and loved on a grand scale. She is my precious little angel who has taken over my heart. Chloe is my newest rescue and was surrendered to us by a woman whose husband had been abusing her and he had threatened Chloe's life as well. She asked me if I could take Chloe and promise to keep her myself. I could never say no, and now I am truly blessed with this precious little girl. The biggest blessing of all is to know Chloe's first mom is now safe as well and has moved far away from her abuser. I will always see two lives saved when I look into precious Chloe's eyes.

Bandit is a senior Chow mix that we rescued as a puppy with parvo 14 years ago. Bandit was never adopted after all of these years. Needless to say he will always be a foster and member of the family here, as long as we are blessed to have him. Princess Phoebe of Willow is an Exotic Shorthair dilute Calico. I came across her while I was picking up a Shih Tzu from one of the shelters we have rescued babies from for years. She had also been dumped overnight in a shelter drop box just like the baby Tzu I was picking up. I simply could not leave her there. She had a bad eye infection and was in extreme discomfort. I have always loved the flat faced features of these felines and had helped my mother adopt 2 gorgeous rescue Persians. Needless to say, I decided to bring this darling to my home to live out the rest of her life like the princess she is.

These babies are each so very different, each so very special, and each of them are loved so very much.

This rescue is lovingly dedicated to them.





Melody Lei-Li




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