Please meet another rescued, precious angel., Joby.
He was dumped on the road in MS, most likely because he is blind. He was out wandering alone....not able to see, out in the cold!
He is a young Yorkie that is blind(may see limited shadows) due to early cataracts.
Joby is simply beautiful, not old at all, incredibly sweet, uses puppy pads to potty, loves to sleep in bed with you.
He is at our vet in MS.
Janet will be at there tomorrow(1/25) to see him.
More pics/videos/updates to follow.
Janet, went to visit the babies today at the vet. Janet took Joby out of his cage to let him run around and took a short video of him. She also tries to show you his eyes in it....they are completely clouded over.
We have an appointment for him in Birmingham with an eye specialist at 11:30 a.m.Monday. This is merely a consultation.
He is too young to live the rest of his life blind.
Can anyone find it in their heart to help?

Below you will see another video of Joby(our blind Yorkie rescue) and Colby, our other little Yorkie rescue,taken in their kennel at the vet's office today.
Aren't they darling?

Update 1/28: Joby is home from the vet and in foster care with Janet in MS. He has an appointment with a specialist about his eyes Monday. This visit will just be a consultation. We will update after his appt. Monday, 1/30.

Update 1/30: Joby had his appointment today at Alabama Veterinary Specialists in Bessemer, AL with Dr. Nelms.

He had a full exam and ultrasound on his eyes. Dr. Nelms said his retinas are in good condition and he is an excellent candidate for eye restoration. This type of surgery has an extremely high success rate and would almost certainly restore sight in both of Joby's eyes. The cost of his surgery for both eyes is 2,700.00 and would be performed on the same day by Dr. Nelms.
Pending receiving enough donations to fund this procedure, we will schedule an appointment at the above mentioned facility to have Joby's eyesight restored.

Joby's vet report, from Dr. Nelms, AL Veterinary Specialists:
Joby has hypermature or advanced cataracts in both eyes. As a result, he has significant vision impairment. He is a good candidate for phacoemulsification cataract removal and intaocular lens implantation. The success rate for good vision after surgery in dogs is 90%.
We have started topical eye drops to decrease inflammation prior to surgery. Please have your family Veternarian perform a pre-anesthesia work up (CBC, Chemistry Panel & Urinalysis) to make sure Joby is not at risk for problems during anesthesia.
Diagnostic tests done today:
Slit lamp biomicroscopy and indirect opthalmoscopy
Schmer tear test, initial: 20mm/60s 20mm/60s
Tonimetry, initial: 18 mmHg 14 mmHg
Fluorescein stain, initial neg/neg
Ultrasound, ocular no charge: normal retinas
Medications: Pred acetate 1% 15ml solution: 1 drop in each eye 2 times daily
Estimate for Phacoemulsification, bilateral $2783.40

Update 2/1: Joby had to go to the vet last night. He was scratching extensively and was in discomfort so he was taken to the vet where he got a shot and some medicated shampoo. He seems to be doing really well today. He heard the "ball" and toys squeak and as you can see, he loves to play. We wanted to share this adorable video with everyone.

Update 2/17: We now have the funds for Joby's eye surgery to restore his sight! How amazing! THANK YOU!! Joby's appointment is February 29th. He has to be there at 9 am and will spend one night in ICU after surgery. He can go back to his foster home the next day if no problems :) We will have pictures and updates after his surgery and also as warranted.
Update 2/26: Joby's pre surgery lab work came back just fine so he goes for his sight restoring surgery in AL on Wednesday. We will post an update Wed. evening.
Update 2/29: Joby was dropped of this morning for his surgery...more updates as soon as we get them...

Update 2/29, 7:27 p.m.: Joby is out of surgery......His left eye had worsened so a lens could not be implanted but the cataract was removed. He will not have 20/20 vision in that eye, he won't be able to see well up close, but will be able to see far away in his left eye.....He should have very good vision in the right eye where the cataract was removed and the lens was able to be replaced. He will remain in ICU overnight and tomorrow so he can be closely monitored for any complications that could possibly occur such as a detached retina, etc. We will post another update tomorrow afternoon or before if warranted....
Update 3/2: Joby is doing very well today and will be released tonight. We will post new pics and more updates soon!
Update 3/3: Joby was picked up tonight from the Veterinary Specialist center where he had his sight restoring surgery. Look at his eyes now! (pic below) They look wonderful......they are now so clear and beautiful! He is on 7 meds, 5 different eye drops and 2 oral meds. He is still recovering and will go back in a week for a follow up and to have his eyes checked. He is well on his way to seeing for the first time in years.....This makes what we do.....and living life....... worthwhile :)

Update 3/11: Joby had his first week follow up vet appointment. His surgeon said he is doing even better than she thought he would be at this point. She said he does have vision and it will keep improving. The inflammation is much better. She gave him a shot in his right eye to speed healing. He has a small blood clot in his eye but she said that will go away. So he is doing really well!
Update 2/26: Joby has an 11 am appointment tomorrow in Birmingham with Dr. Korsch for his one month follow-up. He seems to be doing great but she needs to look in his eyes and measure the pressures in them to tell us that definitively. He seems to see everything very well and is so incredibly happy! We will post another update after his appointment.
Update 3/27: Joby had his 1 month follow up appointment today. He is doing great. He will finish up 2 of the drops he is currently on and then will be switching to 2 new drops that aren't as strong as the ones he's been on. One of the drops is for the pressure in his eyes and one is for the inflammation which is improving. The picture is of Dr. Korsch(his surgeon) and Joby. She's very pleased with his progress. He will need to return in 6 weeks for a recheck. Hopefully then we will be able to put him up for adoption :)

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